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 Who is Priscy's Production

Priscy’s Production Outreach Program NFP (P.P.O.P) is an after school Multi Media Arts and Cultural program, set up as an alternative to violence on the streets. It was founded in 2002, licensed in April 8, 2003.

Priscy’s Production Outreach Program offers the latest technology in a well thought out seven unit Multi Media Educational program curriculum: Basic Computer training, Creative writing, Poetry/Alternative lyric Squad,Digital Filmmaking video Production,  Professional Studio Music Equipment/Music, Sketch, Cultural Dance and Drill team. Combining music and writing; all seven units work together as one.

First, every participant must complete an individual self publish book. Next they extract the information from their books and record and produce a professional CD. Finally youth is encouraged and given the opportunity to perform on stage in the community and have professional shows to showcase their finished product.

PPOP youth has performed on stage for many political officials such as; Local community Senator's special events and back to school picincs, The Local Congressman Danny K. Davis, The Alderman in the community, Block Club events, Libraries, Host and give Annual Stay Safe Youth Community Expo etc…   

They are working with International Music Producers such as; Joe Smooth (House Music), LA (R&B and Hip hop) Rob Diggy (Remix R&B and Music Instructor), Earl Powell (R&B and Soul), whom are all working with known Artists in the industry such as; Mary J Blije, Janet Jackson, R. Kelly, Kanye West, etc… 

PPOP are now connected to labels such as; Moore Records, J Records, My Music Inc. Straight to the Point Studio and Priscy P Production.

PPOP youth has published over 500 books, produced over 200 CDs and produced over 300 music instrumental CDs. We also performed in numerous community events throughout the city of Chicago and Illinois each year and we give a free Annual Stay Safe Youth Community Expo, where we served over 500 people each year.  



We have received sponsorship from all of the following corporations and foundations; Pepsi, Coke Cola, Eli’s Cheese Cake Factory, Dominick’s Food, Jewel-Osco, ARAMARK, Dollar Bazaar Store, McArthurs, Roesers Bakery, Sams Cub, Market Fresh Foods, Aldi Foods, Ultra Food, Popeyes, Walmart, Staples, Target, Walgreen, Mario's Butcher, Cook Brothers, Leamington Food

PPOP promote positive community development by hosting community outreach prevention of violence events, by joining forces with programs such as; North Lawndale Community News Paper; (Mr. Isaac Lewis) He helped the youth with creative writing and advertising methods. The news paper ran advertising ads and stories about our program.

CAN-TV (Mr. Ivory) worked with us on advertising the youth’s shows and performances. He taught some of the youth about editing and using a green screen to add virtual reality to their video. He also videotaped some of the youth performing at various shows and aired them on Channel 19

We partnered with Cease Fire (Marilyn Pitchford) and worked with them throughout the summer hosting various rallies throughout the communities to stop the violence and prevent homicide.

Priscy’s Production Outreach Program partnered with the Primo center to keep youth safe and off the street corners as well as from being homeless. Priscy’s Production youth performed at rallies and block club events that the Primo center held.

Priscy’s Production partnered with Congressman Danny K. Davis office- where we are a part of the Advisory Committee (Youth and Child Development Adolescent and Juvenile Justice)

We also partnered with our 5th senatorial district Senator and help with Back to school parade and picnic. 

P.P.O.P partnered with BASUAH with stands for Brothers and Sister United Against H.I.V/AIDS. Our youth and instructors became ambassadors and received certificates after taking the BASUAH test. The BASUAH test gave youth facts versus fiction on the statistics of catching HIV and AIDS. 

P.P.O.P continues to partner with Local High School and Elementary schools, Advocate Bethany Hospital Community Health with a Youth Homicide Prevention Outreach Programs. 

PPOP is known as one of the most successful youth outreach programs in the West Garfield area on the Westside of Chicago. 


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